The Swiss accredited Doctorate Program (ONLINE)

SSBR our DBA partner institution in Zurich

Business and management theories are rapidly changing and uprating. Entrepreneurs and Managers everywhere are increasingly confronted by new situations and challenges as well as opportunities.

Our Swiss accredited professional Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) accelerates career prospects and earnings.


Swiss Quality Education

In this global world, knowledge is being attained and exchanged at an exponential rate.


What is a DBA?


The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is a research intensive program that the highest professional degree available for experienced business specialists.

The structure of the DBA is practical and very much linked to business and industry which is designed for mid-career management and entrepreneurs who have already completed the MBA (or equivalent qualification) and are looking to further enhance their practical and theoretical knowledge in the field.

The DBA is awarded upon successful completion of the research modules and a thesis that adds a significant contribution to current research.



What Value Will the DBA Add to Your Career?

The Doctor of Business Administration program is designed to be the highest qualification in business education. This program will build on your previous experience with critical topics such as research methods, qualitative and quantitative analysis. Our online DBA degree offers several areas of study to tailor your program to your career goals.

Graduates can expect a large increase in their earnings.

On average, a DBA graduate can expect a 70-100% increase in salary.

Because this is a fast track doctorate program, students can complete the whole program within 2 academic years thus giving them a highly regarded, Swiss quality professional doctorate degree of the highest order.


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