Are your programs accredited?

Yes our programs are offered in conjunction with our partners and these programs are UK and Swiss accredited.

Are your programs purely online?

Yes all our programs, apart from the Doctorate are fully delivered online

Are your programs recognised in the States, Far East and Australia?

Because our programs are accredited in the UK and Switzerland, this makes them globally recognised. Indeed we have had students who have come from established European universities to take our programs.

How long does it take to complete the Executive MBA program?

The MBA program is delivered online and is fully self paced. All the assignments, tasks and resources are given during enrolment and the student can choose to complete the requirements of the program in their own time. The MBA usually takes between 6-9 months to complete.

Can I apply for a Master program without formal European qualifications?

Each applicant is chosen based on merit. Work experience and other skills and achievements are taken into account during the admissions process.

How will the online lectures/seminars be delivered?

Our programs have all the resources available to students from the first day. This includes case studies, pre-recorded lectures, assignment briefs, project guidelines, textbooks, articles, journal entries etc. The students are also able to access live webinars from our professors and collaborators while also having an assigned tutor for the entire period of the program.

Are their any discounts available for the programs?

We occasionally provide some discounts on our programs. Please speak to one of our team via live chat and ask for the discount code. Moreover, we also offer exceptional students scholarships. Please have a look at our scholarships page (https://www.leea.uk/scholarships).

What does your “Fast Track DBA” mean?

We offer the Doctorate in Business Administration in conjunction with the Swiss School of Business Research. The Doctorate program allows students to complete the requisite modules in research, literature reviews, critical analysis, statistical analysis and their thesis within 24 months. This means that you can achieve the highest level degree in Business within 2 years.

Do I need a visa to study at LEEA?

No visa is required as all our programs are fully online. The Doctorate program has optional modules that are delivered in either London, Zurich or Barcelona. For these optional modules, the students can attend using a standard tourist visa.