LEEA is a UK registered institution of Higher Education offering ONLINE programs in a variety of business areas.


We are a New Institution with a Proud History


Our directors and faculty have worked for some of the most important business schools in Europe. Our professors are seasoned individuals with backgrounds from LSE, ESADE (Spain), University of Exeter among others.

Our online programs have been developed from existing highly rated courses from triple accredited business schools.



Because our programs are fully delivered online we don’t have the same number of overheads as other business schools so we can offer you the same high quality programs (and the same qualifications) for a lower price.

Welcome to LEEA where we are bridging the gap in executive education.



We at LEEA bring experience, quality and innovation to offer programs that with boost your career.

Our programs (click here to view our programs) can help you whether you are a recent graduate with little experience or a mid level management professional. Moreover, we have a flexible set of postgraduate diploma courses that can lead on to further studies at UK universities.

Our online students have options to top up their studies from many UK universities including: Bath, Bucks, Derby and Anglia Ruskin Universities.